Our Crew

The Aquila difference begins with our team of spirited, devoted professionals who truly love what they do. Each member of the Aquila team has the experience, dedication and enthusiasm to bring quality, value and fun to your Aquila experience. 

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Beth Kelly Hatt, Founder


Aquila’s founder, Beth is a passionate Acadian who has affectionately been nicknamed by the Aquila team as “Our Fearless Leader.” Mentoring and leading her team to become leaders themselves has been her life’s purpose.

Today Beth is deeply involved in coaching and mentoring partners Danielle and Melanie into their managing roles – and her succession – so she can spend time with passions such as new Aquila projects, as well as going kayaking with her husband Russ and playing with all their grandchildren. As Director of Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence, she spends much of her time in the Caribbean and Central America coaching other Tour Operators and Tour Guides into the Best Practices of the cruise industry.

A visionary not just for her business, but for her industry and her community, Beth is also a leader in the tourism industry. She has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including being named one of 25 People to Watch in Atlantic Canada, and one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada. Aquila celebrated 35 years in business a few years ago.

Beth’s Favourite Thing about Working at Aquila: "Always... does not change... the energy of the team and how much fun we have together. It keeps me going and is so rewarding!"

Beth’s Most Memorable Moment while Working at Aquila (so far!): "Being able to see something that started from a seed grow to what Aquila is today, being recognized worldwide, but more importantly, to see people grow and change with us over the years, and now to see the success of the mentoring and succession planning giving Aquila a whole new life!"


Melanie Colpitts, Partner


A member of the Aquila Team since 1992, Melanie has come a long way from her early days at Aquila as a student tour guide, complete with Loyalist dress! Melanie is now a managing partner with the company, playing an active role in Aquila’s strategic planning. She also spearheads our Center for Cruise Excellence, coaching and mentoring tour operators and destinations on providing service excellence to cruise lines. There is no mistaking her passion for Aquila and for the cruise industry, and we are thrilled to have Melanie as part of Aquila’s leadership team.

Mel’s Favourite Thing About Working at Aquila: “The fabulous girls I work with. They make me laugh, they hold me up, they help me see things in new ways, and they teach me so much – including things I never thought I’d need to know!”

Mel’s Most Memorable Moment while Working at Aquila (so far!): “There are so many! But I’d say one has to be the marriage proposal from the very wealthy Australian Sheep Farmer on one of my tours. Tempting offer!”

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Danielle Timmons, Partner


With her range of experiences and talents, including working with Aquila at various times for over 25 years, Aquila is very fortunate that Danielle decided to return home to Saint John in 2004 with her husband Lance to start a family­ - both an Aquila family and her own family, Ben and Emma! Since returning she has become a partner in the business. We kindly refer to Danielle as our Jill-of-All-Trades as she runs the day-to-day operations of the shore excursion side of the business, manages cruise ships, books all the motorcoaches, and hears us calling her name whenever our computers stop cooperating with us. We'd be lost without her!

Dan's Favourite Thing About Working at Aquila: "My first favourite thing is definitely the team I get to work with. They're all spectacular women! Secondly, it would have to be that I get to try different things all the time, so this job is never boring!"

Dan's Most Memorable Moment while Working at Aquila (so far!): "Well, there are so many to choose from! In 1994, I was an Aquila Tour Director for a 3-week train trip from 'Coast to Coast' with 30 passengers. The whole trip was memorable, as we spent night after night on the train, cruising through the US and Canada. I especially loved going through the Rocky Mountains, as it was the first time I had seen them up close. And a couple of the passengers kept trying to set me up with the porters onboard the train!"

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Jennifer Hay


An Aquila Team member since 1993, Jennifer has a passion for learning and has always enjoyed the challenges and new opportunities that working for Aquila offers. Jennifer works hard at managing our cruise day logistics and has taken on a new role as an evaluator and student manager for all tour guides enrolled in Aquila’s International Tour Guide Excellence certification program.

Jen’s Favourite Thing About Working at Aquila: “After 19 years, I have a lot of “favourites” to be thankful for, but it’s definitely the wonderful team of women who are my Aquila Sisters that make this job pretty special. Not to mention the fact that each day brings something new; this is definitely not a boring place to be!”

Jen’s Most Memorable Moment while Working at Aquila (so far!): “It’s a tie. It’s either ‘the Great Kidnapping of ‘01’ when we took Beth on a little birthday escapade, or our fabulous Caribbean Cruise! There are an awful lot to choose from!”


Claudine Pohl


Claudine was born in El Salvador, Central America and has been in Canada for over 20 years. Claudine joined the Aquila team during the start of one of the busiest Cruise Seasons! Claudine is an enthusiastic team motivator with a strong passion for helping others in need. As a lead in different fundraising events she has helped raise thousands of dollars for many organizations. Claudine really enjoys taking guests out on tour, networking and engaging with potential clients and is involved in the delivery of our Tour Guide training program with Aquila’s Center for Cruise Excellence.

Claudine’s Favourite Thing About Working at Aquila: “The mentorship that is received by being exposed to so many strong women in leadership! It truly is a gift to be surrounded by a group of women who inspire and lead you to raise the excellence bar.”

Claudine’s Most Memorable Moment while Working at Aquila (so far!): “While I was giving a tour of our wonderful city, I quickly learned that we had 4 guests celebrating birthdays that day!  At one of our stops, one of the guests brought back cupcakes for everyone to share! We all joined in and sang “Happy Birthday” What a fun time!!”


Samantha MacVey


Samantha joined the Aquila team in 2016.  She is one of Aquila's four Cruise Managers and also is involved with Human Resources for our fantastic Tour Guides and Pierside team members.  She has a passion for Saint John and loves welcoming the cruise passengers to our beautiful part of the world.  Backed by her experience and knowledge of the tourism and customer service industries, Samantha loves to motivate and support the team around her.

Sam's Favourite Thing About Working at Aquila: "My favourite part of working for Aquila is the incredible team!  Everyone is so supportive and I’m always excited to learn from everyone on our team.  It’s such a fun group of amazing women!"

Sam's Most Memorable Moment while Working at Aquila (so far!): "There have been so many! I would have to say all of the new experiences I have had while working at Aquila.  Going on my first cruise was amazing!"


Lori Patterson


Lori joined the Aquila team in January 2016.   After gaining many years of her experience in law offices, Lori says she has finally found her dream job with Aquila!!  She enjoys the Aquila family while being responsible for the Accounting and Payroll departments and takes pride in keeping things balanced!!!  Lori can occasionally be seen pier side – holding signs or whatever she can do to pitch in on the busy cruise ship days!!!  Lori loves spending time with her family and says that her all-time favorite title is “Grandma”!!!

Lori’s Favorite Thing About Working at Aquila: “Hands down it’s the wonderful people I get to share my work day with!!  I have never experienced such genuinely loving, supportive and caring people in a workplace as I have here at Aquila.  There is a true sense of family and friendship, and I really enjoy all the fun and camaraderie that comes along with that!”

Lori’s Most Memorable Moment while Working at Aquila: “Many things about working here at Aquila have been memorable and I can’t decide if it was the awesome week we shared at the Cruise Symposium in New York City or the fantastic Summer Fun Day driving with the top down in Beth’s red convertible and just enjoying the day – both top my list!!”

Trina 2

Trina Forrest


Trina joined the Aquila team in 2017 and is eager to learn the ropes from Danielle and Sam in her role as Cruise Manager. With a background in Customer Service Management, she is eager to share her knowledge and work with the team to ensure that all of our cruise guests have amazing experiences while on tour here in Saint John.

Trina’s Favorite thing about Aquila

“In such a short time these ladies have eagerly opened their arms and accepted me as one of their own in a very tight knit team, allowing me to learn and develop independently and at my own pace all the while showing incredible support and encouragement”

 Most Memorable Experience

“My time has been short but my first Aquila Retreat allowed me the opportunity to get to know my new colleagues/friends on a personal and a professional level, this helped me feel so much more at ease joining the team”


Kelsey Forbes


Kelsey was born & raised in New Brunswick. Her core identity is a true east coast, maritime, Canadian. Her extreme wanderlust landed her a position in the Travel and Tourism Industry. Gaining close to 10 years’ experience travelling, working & living all over the Caribbean & Central America. Coordinating unique & memorable travel experiences for thousands of travelers from all over the U.S.A & Canada.  Kelsey first started working with Aquila as part of the Pierside team and Transport team in 2018. She is now the newest addition to our Cruise Manager team and our Office Manager.

Kelsey’s Favourite thing about Aquila:

"So many things! The Aquila Family. Meeting and talking with people from all over the globe. Working towards showing off my hometown to tourists that visit our wonderful city!"

Most Memorable Experience:

"This hasn’t happened for me just yet, but when it does, I’ll never forget it! To be invited onto one of the ships and getting a tour of it."


What a fantastic day, the Hopewell Rocks are amazing and the guide at the rocks was very informative. Our tour guide was Ron Fowlie he was very interesting and informative and he was dress in the costume of the early settlers. Would definitely recommend this tour and tour guide.

Pauline Robinson

Cruise Guest

We were on a great tour of the Bay of Fundy. Our tour guide, Paula, was the best. If you’re on her tour, you will have the best time

Joanne Favella Brown

Cruise Guest

A top excursion and the best guide ever. She was fantastic!!! We were entertained - and educated for the total trip.

Margaret Edwards‎

Thank you for your hard work. ... last week we had some of the highest sales of any Carnival ship (1,861 tickets sold) without a single negative comment. You guys are doing a great job and it is a pleasure working with you.

Adam McEwan, Shore Excursion Manager, Carnival Victory

On Aquila’s role as tour operator for Carnival’s shore excursions in Saint John